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Services & Programs

Army Veteran with a horse in Equine Assisted Therapy

Therapeutic Programs

Changing Course Foundation offers both traditional and experiential treatment approaches to meet the needs of a wide age range of clients, in all stages of life. Schedule a session to begin exploring your unique path to healing with our professional staff. Allow us to help you navigate the obstacles that hinder your personal growth.


We can facilitate sessions in our office, on a challenge course, or at your location.


If you are facing a significant transition in your life or approaching a weighty decision, you may benefit from unbiased services of a life coach. We offer a variety of approaches to meet you where you are and help you to change your course!


We also offer services to our nation's veterans, offering them the opportunity to make work through their past and create a bright new future.

Group therapy role-play session with young men and women

Experiential Programs

It has been said that, “you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” (Plato) Play offers a non-threatening opportunity to engage our problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, communication, creativity and much more. Most importantly, play allows us a natural approach to stress relief, improved mood and the best medicine money CAN’T buy . . . LAUGHTER!

Changing Course Foundation would like to assist your team in identifying the many strengths possessed by a diverse group of people and develops skills that set your team up for success. We will work with you to develop an agenda that intentionally targets your identified goals and objectives as we collaborate with you to ensure a common vision.

Corporate Consulting group session

Consulting Services

Effective leaders and successful teams embrace genuine evaluation of their process in order to effect a positive change. Changing Course Foundation offers several evidence-based and effective tools to assist your organization in reaching its goals and achieving results.

​Speak with one of our professionals about our Organizational Design, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and Business Coaching services. Change the course of your organization and discover the power of effective communication, conflict resolution, resiliency and so much more!

We're Changing


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